Book More Clients Photography Podcast - Build a Five Figure+ Photography Business

Coaching Call with Laci James

April 09, 2020 Brooke Jefferson Episode 55
Book More Clients Photography Podcast - Build a Five Figure+ Photography Business
Coaching Call with Laci James
Book More Clients Photography Podcast - Build a Five Figure+ Photography Business
Coaching Call with Laci James
Apr 09, 2020 Episode 55
Brooke Jefferson

In today’s episode, I’m doing another coaching session. We are joined by Laci James from Laci James Photography. I am VERY excited about this episode because we cover so much goodness. You are definitely going to want to make sure that you have a pen and paper ready to jot down some notes. 

Laci is primally shooting newborns and weddings in the New Castle, Oklahoma area as well as serving the Metro Oklahoma City area. 

We’re talking about extended your client base, juggling your work/life balance and all things client experience!
Instagram: @lacijamesphotography
Facebook: Laci James Photography

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Show Notes Transcript

In today’s episode, I’m doing another coaching session. We are joined by Laci James from Laci James Photography. I am VERY excited about this episode because we cover so much goodness. You are definitely going to want to make sure that you have a pen and paper ready to jot down some notes. 

Laci is primally shooting newborns and weddings in the New Castle, Oklahoma area as well as serving the Metro Oklahoma City area. 

We’re talking about extended your client base, juggling your work/life balance and all things client experience!
Instagram: @lacijamesphotography
Facebook: Laci James Photography

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Ready to book out your spring calendars? Click HERE to sign up for the upcoming free training series on Facebook! 

spk_1:   0:07
Welcome to the frame your way. Photography podcast on your host, Brooke Jefferson. I'm a wife, Mama to two and full time photographer and business coach. I created this podcast with the aspiring photographer in mind to bring you inspiring stories. Strategies to help you go from zero to multiple figures and tips and tricks to help you get one step closer. Toe work. Life harmony. Are you ready to frame your way to your dream career? Let's dive in. You're listening to the frame your way. Photography podcast And this is Episode 55. In today's episode, I'm doing another coaching session. We are joined by Lacey James from Lacy James Photography. I'm very excited about this session because we cover so much goodness that you are definitely gonna want to make sure that you have a pen and paper, or that you are somewhere where you can jot down a few notes. So let's dive in. All right, guys. Today I am here with Lacy Jane's from Lacy James photography. She is primarily shooting newborns and weddings in the Newcastle Oklahoma area as well a serving the metro Oklahoma City area. Lacey, will you introduce yourself to my audience.

spk_0:   1:33
Yes. Hi, guys. Um, I'm Lacey again. I'm so excited and super nervous to be on here. Of course. Um, I am a mother, a firefighters by a labor and delivery nurse who also has a certain certifications or patient. I came and talked in and lactation, but I'm also delectation comportment. Uh, newborns are clearly my comfort bone. And but the last year and 1/2 I recently ventured out a wedding. But I am enjoying every bitten people of it

spk_1:   2:12
I love. Well, you sound super busy. Yes, which we all are. We all juggle different titles, and I think a lot of people it's just a really good point, actually, to point out that a lot of people don't realize that photographers, they don't just take pick teachers. A lot of us have other things going on. Especially those of you who do work a full time or part time job along with your photography business. So all the kudos to you. I know it's hard, definitely hard. Um, but anyway, I'm super excited for today's episode. You have applied to be on the show to be able to do a coaching session. I'm loving these coaching sessions because it is giving people a way to hear what other people are struggling with or what they have questions or concerns about. And it's a good way for people to see what it would be like. Teoh either book a mentor ship or to join the membership site, and that's what makes me excited is I want to show you guys that I love teach. That's That's my fashion, your passions, babies. My passion is teaching photographers

spk_0:   3:27
by was a teacher for a little bit, and I needed every bit of it.

spk_1:   3:32
A business that's funny. Well, hate's a strong word, but I wouldn't go back if you asked me to. So if that answers the question there, All right, well, let's go ahead and died in with your first question,

spk_0:   3:49
mam, My first question is how to improve my out treats to my ideal clients.

spk_1:   3:56
Okay, Now, I've got two questions back for you. Just to clarify on your question. Number one explained to us who is your ideal client and to what do you mean by outreach? Are we talking specifically social media or are we talking about in general? How do I reach my ideal clients.

spk_0:   4:17
Um, well, kind of bow on and I am in a small town. Of course, there's a lot of word of now which is amazing in that pal. My business got started and how it continuing to this day old school. I love it. So I am very am apprehensive about the whole social media. Have a good base, I think for my Facebook instagram still roam new, but again, it kind of relates to my lifestyle. It's a little hard to outreach on social media with my lifestyle. I'm busy. I'm not able to be connected to the social media at all times. And plus I like to spend time with my family. Um, and then my ideal quiet would be, of course, the new mom. So maternity and moms meeting images for their babies, Um, and then specifically in that realm, I would want on my ideal client as someone that doesn't just need images. But once Teoh purchase things to decorate their homes, didn't you been in this for a little bit now? And majority of the clients are just winning Digital's. I have changed my packages around a little bit of sauce couple years and I offer $100 print credit depending on what digital package they buy. And it's improved, but they don't. They're just keeping their digital and not putting them. And I really want my clients to print an increase, you know, their little experience. And then, um, for wedding. Uh, really? The outreach on how to bring in the client. Um, I don't want little wedding like a 45. Our wedding. I like the big fun wedding. I'll do border five, our wedding. But they just want you for the ceremony. And then, well, I you know, and your experience, in my experience, will really regret not getting the whole experience of getting ready, seeing everything from beginning to end. So under just Yeah, I'm just went a little bit. Broaden out my client base for that.

spk_1:   6:27
Okay, so I have a lot for that one question alone, but I think this is really gonna help you like this might just be a game changer for you. So you said a lot of things, but first on and I and I made note, so I don't forget anything, but here's the cool thing with you. I truly believe that you doing weddings and loving newborns actually goes together. And I know that I taught Meesh I'm No, I tell you, nish niche, whatever. But that is that is, in each year it is. And so, yes, because here's what I'm seeing all my brides, and I'm not joking everybody I've ever had. Obviously, I've kind of changed my whole ideal client. I'm very much into the family room. But here's what I noticed about brides within a year or two. The majority of them are pregnant, which is your ideal client. So here's what I'm going to start with. I want you to take a step back, and you're not gonna be able to do this obviously, in this episode alone. But I want you to ponder this for the next couple of days, and I really want you to step back and start seeing How can I go from engagements to this wedding and then stay with them through the process? And so here's probably what's gonna happen. You will obviously probably have to also offer this whole experience like it's just a whole new new chapter of their lives. So you're gonna take them from engagement to their wedding, and then you there's gonna be a gap, right? Because everyone's different, some might overlap. I've seen it right to where you know the baby's like immediately after. But for you get creative with how can I stay in their lives from wedding to the time they do a pregnancy announcement, Which means you're probably going to be shooting more than just newborns and weddings. You're also parking. You're also going to be shooting. Um, you know, all the little milestones. And so I would take a step back and I would first put together your client journey. I want you to picture what? What is she like? Like who with that ideal client Be? Obviously, she's gotta have a bubbly personality. She's going to have a bigger wedding just because, typically, that I mean, and there's plenty of people who will, but we'll start there. So I want you to picture your client journey on how you can keep your brides in your grooms in your client experience, even up until they do have a baby. So not the first thing now. The second thing is, I wanted to touch on you very specifically. Know what wedding you want? You don't care for doing on Lee a portion of the wedding? Do you want the whole day obeying? Yeah, right. So here's my advice to you and I give us advice to a lot of people. Hi. I would I would not price your wedding packages. I either would not have packages at all. Okay, Just a war here. Here's what I do. Here's what's included, Which is I do. And I don't advertise for weddings anymore, but I dio get I still get weddings because people have referred again referral base. So I have one option, and I very rarely will tailor it for somebody. I mean, that has to be like a very close family friend that I'm already going to be there, and I'll tailor it for them, right, cause I'm already gonna be there, so I might as well, right. So here's I would have one package and I would not call it hourly at all. I would say, Here is the wedding packer. Here's what I offer. It's my it is my wedding offering to you. Here's what's included, and then you can throw in the whole kitchen sink in one package and make show them the value. That's what I

spk_0:   10:32
would do. Yeah, I love it because I went from having multiple packet. Dude, you got to confusing to too much for me to like really? Cause then you have bright coming. I'm like, Well, I don't want this. I want this. And you had to exchange this and that. And your prices are different, Perchik. Different professions like a bridal. If you have to go to a venue, sometimes of India is charged. So just a pin. And so I went down toe a couple packages, some on the way to. So I'm in the right mindset. I does

spk_1:   11:04
for sure. I just think that again it goes with being different. Okay, because here's what I've learned through my own wedding experience. I've reached out to wedding photographers and it came down Teoh how I eventually was going to decide before I ran out of time. I mainly ran time because I got engaged on Valentine's Day of the Year that I got married and we were ready to have a wedding in September. So I already knew the best of the best. We're probably going to be taken I still had a wonderful photographer who I adore on. She definitely was one of the best. But what factors came down to where response time and what their package. Waas? Because I didn't care about the hourly. I didn't know that as a bride, they don't have a clue. They don't know Lou how long it takes to get everything. They just want someone there for their moments. So here's what I'm finding with hourly packages and a lot of your wedding photographers. Air probably squirming right now. But here's what I found there going Teoh all a car to all the way until they get your premium package down to the lowest, and they do it every time. You've got to decide. Do I want to be just one V I p experience all the way around? Or am I going to be Burger King and lets you pick your way like that's it? That's the option, even with this goes for everybody, not just wedding photographers, but that's how I price my services. Is it you want, like everything and you want the best experience and you want client. You know there's gifts in this client touchpoints then you're gonna You're gonna pay the price for it, right? You get what you pay for. And so anyway, I just had to make that a big point. I really think as you take your client on a journey, don't give them as many options, just really And honestly, because you're so clear and because you do want to be there all day, I think it's just gonna be in your best interest to no one. Like, here's the Lacy James Photography bribe package. And if this fits you and describes you and you know we're the perfect match for each other, then you're gonna be happier to work with those clients.

spk_0:   13:21
I like that because that's as it as a bribe for of myself. That's what I I went to my first wedding photographer and he was amazing. Um, and I've recently got Teoh follow him several times, but last summer it was wonderful, but hey, just had it all. He had the whole kitchen, see, And that's exactly everything I wanted Quest, son. And I was like, OK, looking you right now.

spk_1:   13:47
I love it. So

spk_0:   13:49
PC just made it simple. I didn't have to worry about anything. In the end, it was just all done and I could be

spk_1:   13:57
Exactly. And that's you are your ideal client. And so are your very similar to her. Like your desires for your wedding day Exact same as hers. So designed that package, and that's it. Just present that. And then I know the next question flawlessly goes with what you said, which was how to improve your outreach.

spk_0:   14:19
All right,

spk_1:   14:19
What you're gonna do now is you're gonna speak to her. What did you need to hear during your wedding planning process? Or what did you need to hear when you were engaged in planning for your wedding? Like Onley talk about things. Only show receptions that air huge. Only show weddings where you were there all day. And here's what I'm gonna say. And this is just This is just what I do. Like I don't care what level of photography people are out. I don't care how many years you've been in the business. You're going, Teoh, come to a point where you want to pivot something you're there. Want to increase your prices, go a different route, pick a different niche, find a different client maybe you still love weddings, but now you've decided I'm just gonna go all destination. I don't want to do these little hometown weddings anymore. Great. But here's what you're gonna have to dio You're still gonna have to hustle for it. You're still going tohave Teoh find you need in your portfolio. And here's the thing. Obviously honest at the time of this recording, I am trying to book fresh 48 sessions. My goal is 20 for 2020 and I I don't know why I just woke up one day and felt compelled that fresh 48 for what I needed to focus on this year. And that's what I'm gonna do. Well, guess what? I had to offer some free sessions to get them on the portfolio to even advertise them. I didn't have to, but I wanted Teoh. And then the second thing I'm doing is for one whole month, all the burst that are coming in the next 60 days. They got $100 off my regular price package and then that's how I'm building my portfolio. Now. My goal. It's still with the 20 bright, and I'll still probably end up with 12 full price sessions. But then right part of it. And so when you pit in this, But I'm telling you, maybe you need to know. Not do. I'm not telling you wedding photographers to do a wedding for free. Please don't do that. But what I am saying is, maybe you need to go be a second shooter for somebody else. That shooting the weddings that you want. There's nothing wrong with that. They'll still pay you and maybe they won't. Maybe you do need a sacrifice your day. But rather than having all the editing work on you, you find somebody that will let you tag along much like you did yours. And you see what they're doing. And now you mean make sure they're gonna let you use it, edit it the way you want you for your portfolio. But then, like, don't think that you're just going to sit there and wait for somebody to book it. They will, I promise. But if you want to speed up that process and reach more brides, then you're gonna have to bend yourself a little. You're gonna have to humble yourself. Maybe you're gonna have to discount it. I don't know, But I'm just saying, like I'm almost six years into the business. I'm not above doing stuff for free if I really want to get it.

spk_0:   17:05
I agree. Yeah. Older Rittner.

spk_1:   17:08
Yeah, that's honestly, that is how you build a business. Made that. Okay, if people don't agree with that, that's fine. Like, I'm not gonna be the mentor for everyone, but I I just I love people more than I love their money. And

spk_0:   17:22
it's with people more important from you. One.

spk_1:   17:27
Yeah. In my whole point, to get more clients is show more of what you want. And that was just the wedding side. Obviously, we can talk about transitioning and into babies later on, but that's where they're going to start. Right? Because eventually you're gonna want those bride. If you got to tell their story from becoming a wife and becoming a mother, I mean, how powerful is that? Amazing? Yes.

spk_0:   17:53
Supplies easing another fun adventures and memories you want to capture for a lifetime, brightest memories that Yes, you need capture to be for the big moment.

spk_1:   18:03
Yes. So in summary, to wrap that question up, you've got to I mean, definitely sit there and think of your customer journey. How you can tie the two together number to show what you want A book. I truly believe in that. I don't think that you don't. I mean, and here's thing. Like I still shoot like seniors from time to time. And guess what? You're not gonna see it in my feet and they know that they don't care. They wanted me, right? But that's my personal preference. I will show their stuff on, you know, on Facebook and on my personal page and all that stuff. But again, like if you're worried about screwing up your social media, which, by the way, is such a Monday mundane thing Just go beyond that. Right. But show what you want a book and then also night your your captions and the things you talk about the videos and the conversations you have need to be what your ideal client wants to hear. And so that's how you're gonna get more. That's how you're gonna expand your outreach. And yeah, I told you that that question was gonna have a lot to it.

spk_0:   19:04
That's a big Crepin.

spk_1:   19:05
Yes. Okay. What is your next burning question.

spk_0:   19:10
Okay, Um, it's not because the other ones, but it's about juggling my lifestyle again. I'm a fire wife. My husband is on 24 hours and every other day. And of course, he has a second drama as well. So when he's gone, it's complicated, and it's mostly like I'm a single mom. And then I also work at the hospital 1 to 2 days a week as, ah, labor, nurse or lactation, that putting on whatever I need to do. But I struggle a lot with not really family life, that, really I pushed my business ified to spend time with my family, and I do a lot of my editing in the evening. Um, because I don't want to miss out with my kids. I neither particular school picking a lap cooking dinner, you know, because we're always there, always eating are always wanting something. And then, of course, my oldest of starting baseball. This year we've been soccer, but now it's faithful. So practice and baseball games they're going to be a little bit more time consuming than the one day a week for soccer. So I'm just looking for maybe some tips and techniques the things that I could do to help transition things. I have recently for 2020. I took your angry little online course, and I booked my calendar and opened by calendar at Tuesdays and Thursdays will be like my designated day because I know my boys are at school, both of on um and then I'll just play with the days because I Senate for the hospital a month in advance. So I'm able to If nothing's booked already, I could go ahead and sign up for that day if it's open. Or however, that works, or I can block off days. So I did do that, and that's new. I always always very apprehensive about doing that because of my lifestyle. I don't know what's gonna happen. Then it may. I don't know if I have child care. My husband, if he's he teaches for oh issue, though if he's teaching at estate or out of town, he's gone for a week. I won't know for a month in advance. Well, I need to make sure I have child care. Oh, I have a session, you know, Tuesday, Thursday was gonna get my kid as I work about little, So just a little tip and bangs or I can kind of make it a little bit more smooth and maybe be able to still increase my client. But decrease my workload in a way that makes them

spk_1:   21:35
makes perfect sense. And so here's the thing. We're all going Teoh are schedules are gonna look different. And I'm just like you with the calendar training that I did. It is a technique that I just kind of I I would take a little bit here and there from other trainings and other industries. And then I eventually found a flow that worked for me. And then some people said, You know, through the calendar training, yes, I could do it for the year. I could only do it for 1/4 acknowledge it for a month, and that's great the whole point, as you want to look ahead. And so one of the things about photography and running a business is you have to have the faith that the clients are gonna come and you also have to have the state that you're gonna be able to get all the things in the background running smoothly. And here's the deal. I'm like you. I don't know who's gonna watch my kids in April when I already have people booking for April. I don't know that, but I also know that I'm going to be able to find a way, especially now that they're getting older. Sometimes they tag along. So, like if we're going to a venue that's like a huge field, where has another place where they can play like, you know, a little? I could still see them, but they're over there, out of my out of my way. Then they come, and not very often, but they do. And that's like when people are busier on town or have prior commitments running. So here's a benefit for you. I would because of where you live. And this is just because I just know this. There are very reliable people that even baby sitters that you could hire. I I would put three on an on call schedule. That's what I would do. And you want to find people who don't have extracurricular activities or they're not. You don't want to find somebody that got a job where they never know their schedule again, like that's not going to be good. But if you confined three people who were like Heck, yeah, call me any time High school kids, college kids, whatever. I promise. If you ask, you'll find people and just simply but opposed, even on Facebook, saying, Hey, I'm looking for a couple of girls that I can have on call Teoh. Just watch my kids if I ever need them to for a session like That's easy that crazy

spk_0:   23:46
if we have Ah, my kids are spoiled. Their only watch. Do you know by family which, of course, another thing. I do live on a very farm, so my in laws are very busy every day. Yes, they can take him out to the barn, but sometimes my boys, they're really young. So it's a little hard when you're happy. You walked of work out there in moving cattle because a four and a two year old cannot be out there running around with cattle, you know? Yes, we'll go in milk Macau. He's still little. He doesn't understand. We're not to put his hand there. You can get stepped on, Um, but putting a couple baby sitters on call rather than just relying on family is a lot better. We do have a couple baby sitters, but of course I tell them way in advance. I've never asked him to be on call or anything. So

spk_1:   24:35
yeah, and the And here's why you don't want to just find one person you want to find a couple so that and typically you're going to know whether you need somebody the day before two days before, so they're still getting the It's not like they're a doctor and I need you right now, right? No, no. Um, so that's my suggestion. And then also for anybody, just depending on what area I know. I know our society. It's crazy. You can't trust anybody. I I understand that. But also like you can find, you can find a baby sitter you could trust two hours. It's fine. And so what I would do is instead of just asking people for reference, I mean, that's where you're gonna start, is asking for references on social media. But before that or after that, you're going to invite these people to come over, watch them watch how they play with your kids like you. All we have that moment instinct. And so it is. If they want the job that bad, they will come over to your house and meet you in person and see your kids and you'll know right off the bat whether or not you can trust them. And we're talking about sweet girls like, you know what I mean. So

spk_0:   25:42
does that in college. I should know this. I was on call baby sitter. I should have totally, uh, um for our family. That's what I did, you know? Right?

spk_1:   25:54
Yeah. So I did that too, for a while, and I mean, those parents were awesome. And they paid me well, and it was great. And so that's what I would suggest. First off, just so that you don't have to feel like you have to rely on just your family, if you can. I think that's fantastic. I do that a lot If it wasn't for my mother in law. Oh, now, yeah. Yeah. So anyway, that the baby sitter thing is a huge weight off your shoulders. I would start there, especially as we're going into the spring and summer. You'll have way more availability for people. And then the second thing is going back to the calendar training and really for anybody is look back on what your goal was for some of us. We have a goal because this is our full time career for others. We just have a goal because maybe we want to pay off debt with it. Or maybe we're saving for our own wedding or whatever the case may be. Go back to that goal, because here's what we dio and we're all guilty of this. If we had people coming to book sessions all the time, so if you had an unlimited amount of sessions, you never run out of leads. They won't. For booking you, you would probably say yes, way more than you would say no. And that's what we're guilty up because we see it as validation. Okay, so you need to decide. I can Onley handle four sessions a month at this price. Like maybe for just babies or maternity or whatever, because you're also like, if we take it back for you specifically, if you are going to start having these long term clients engagement, wedding, baby, then they're going to technically bring you in what each client is going to be worth thousands of dollars. And so if you look at the overall cost of keeping one client, you don't need to be hustling for a whole bunch. That's huge. And so, obviously, here's the deal. Sure, we might have all the time in the world to take on 10 sessions a month, But you also don't factor in how long it's gonna take you to edit. What about the night your computer decides to update? You just lost those two hours that you had planned to edit. It happens all the time, all the time. Family typically dio as photographers. We just take on too much. And we just don't realize that one client can sometimes be four hours after the travel, the shooting, the communicating and the editing and delivering. We just don't take that into account. So but my question back to you is what it's all for this year.

spk_0:   28:34
My goal is to increase my cells, increase my client experience and my clients. Um, I guess you would say specifically my ideal client, rather the broad I'm really went into shrink down to just those weddings and newborns.

spk_1:   28:54
I love doing

spk_0:   28:55
everything else, and I will still offer, like mine any sessions and things like that, because there's air, just things I love to do, and I want to do it for my bull. Was any ice So Maya's welded with everybody to that I really want Teoh kind of consumed just my ideal to increase my business.

spk_1:   29:14
So for you, what is doable in a month's time is what you'll have to look at. Because if you're like Aiken Dio one wedding a month and then maybe like five or six sessions, just let's just go with that, Okay, that's that's a good amount, Honestly, yes, every coal. So let's go with that. Let's say that's what you're going to dio. Once you book the five or six sessions you're not. You have to cut yourself off. You're no longer like people are going. They come all the time, last minute people or yeah, there's do and then you're faced with the decision. I I really want to say yes to this behind a validation or inter excuse here or whatever. Yes, person. I loved it just

spk_0:   30:05
Oh yes, I'll make resistant. I like to make everyone happy. I'm a pleaser,

spk_1:   30:10
right? And I'm a recovering people pleaser and you happen to be, I mean, you have to. You have too much going on because he would ultimately either have to cut your nursing out and do photography full time in order to feel like you're still getting that time with your family. But I learned a You just have to ask yourself what's most important to me, money or time with my family photography, Like all the things you just have to find the the the work life harmony that works for You done well, you

spk_0:   30:44
know, I've done everything to find out what exactly I want to

spk_1:   30:47
do. And

spk_0:   30:48
I'm like, Oh, go, it's getting too much just because of what I dio And I mean, I want to keep it going and keep it up. I would probably I'll never give up nursing, but I would keep it down. I am only required, like two shifts a month, so I would cut that down a little bit. But other than that, I do want to increase this to more of a full time job. I

spk_1:   31:12
love it. So my advice to you just looking back at both questions and the overall direction that you're headed is I would evaluate what you can handle realistically. And then for the clients that you want, I would show more of that. Do whatever it takes to get that right. And then once you have that market, it and you will have to make time for it. You will have to make social media a priority. Uh, it doesn't have to be all the time. Nobody says you need to log on, but five minutes a day and I would use it to the best of your ability in showcased. Here's what I have to show. So that is my best advice for you in the direction you're headed is just, you know, maybe just sitting down and journaling the direction you're going and then showing more Ah, what you want to book and eventually saying no to those things that aren't a baby or an engaged couple or a wedding. Eventually you will get to that point. So it's just slowly cutting it out and having the faith that your idol clients are going to come. But they're gonna come. So I hope that was helpful for you. Waas, of course, was wonderful. Good deal. Well, I'm so glad that you agreed to you come on the show for a coaching session. We got Chelsea. We got really deep. And this is exactly what? Um it looks like to book an hour with me. You ask your deepest questions, and I answer that like it's that simple. And if you want more of a community of other people to hear what their answers are too, then your next up would be the membership site. So

spk_0:   32:58
I'm working

spk_1:   32:59
towards it. I'm just very frugal girl. I can't wait for the day that you join. There's gonna be so maney trainings up in that portal for you the day that you come in. I'm so excited

spk_0:   33:11
here, so I'm looking forward to it.

spk_1:   33:14
I'm so happy to hear that. Well, Lacey, working people connect with you online. When you do log in and get on social media always on social media,

spk_0:   33:24
I just I do respond to everything. And of course, it's like see, James Photography. And my website is lacey James photography dot com. Um, all my information is all posted on both sides. You can reach out to me through email. You can reach out through, um, Facebook Messenger's. Sometimes I'm a little bit slow in responding only

spk_1:   33:45
because sometimes I get lost. And I have

spk_0:   33:48
found that lately with Instagram. But bear with me, I will find it. And I will get back to you.

spk_1:   33:53
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